Cotton FAQ's

How many buyers participate on The Seam's Cotton Trading system?

More than 90% of the cotton buyers in the U.S. are active participants on our online Cotton Trading system. Additionally, a large presence of global traders enhances the level of liquidity ensuring sellers and buyers are able to find the best market price day after day.

How does The Seam guarantee its U.S. cotton trades?

We guarantee all of our U.S. cotton trades by our unique method of transferring funds and title for each transaction. This mechanism assures your anonymity and safety.

Where does The Seam's inventory come from?

Growers and cotton traders from across the U.S. list their offers on our online Cotton Trading system constantly throughout the day. With hundreds of thousands of bales typically available each day, buyers are able to source virtually any type of cotton year around.

What about trading terms in my territory?

The Seam's proven trading technology is complimented by our no-hassle settlement. Local trading terms are available for each region of the U.S. ensuring quick, accurate payment and delivery.

What types of pricing modes can I use?

The Seam welcomes fixed price trading as well as basis trading for cotton. Fixed price bids can be quickly updated to adjust to changing market conditions. Cotton buyers and sellers can also use our basis trading features to ensure bids and offers continually respond to the market and trades are accurately hedged.